Live theatre thrives in Santa Cruz

2010-2011 Season at Jewel Theatre Company

Santa Cruz Live Theater

Center Stage Santa Cruz

Jewel Theatre is the resident company at Center Stage in downtown Santa Cruz located at:

1001 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

When the theatre is not being used for a Jewel Theatre production, it is available for performing groups and business meetings.

Stage/Equipment List:


  • 89 seats (incl. one wheelchair spot) – 9 rows with center aisle
  • Stage – 6” high; 24’ wide by 20’ deep, wall to wall; no wing space; no proscenium.
  • Ceiling height – 11’
  • Backstage dressing room with makeup counters, mirrors, and costume rack.
  • Backstage bathroom/utility room w/ industrial sink, toilet.



Lighting Instruments

  • Source 4 Juniors (11)
  • Fresnels (14)
  • Inkie Fresnel (2 or 3)
  • Altman 360Q (2)
  • Pars (2)

Dimmer Packs

  • 12 channel Lightronics
  • 12 channel ETC Sensor Pack
    (Note: dimmer packs are located in attic above stage; steep ladder access)

Light Board

  • Leprecon 624 (24 channel Memory Console)



  • 2 CD players; one cassette tape player
  • 4 Speakers (2 at back of stage at ceiling height; 2 at back of house at ceiling height)
  • Sound Board (standard board; need to get info on brand)

Rental Fee Schedule:


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