Live theatre thrives in Santa Cruz

2015-2016 Season at Jewel Theatre Company

All shows are performed at The Colligan Theater at the Tannery Arts Center.

The Colligan Theater is equipped with a hearing assistance system. Please ask for a receiver at the box office. CLICK HERE for more information on the venue.



September 5 - 30, 2018


by Martin McDonagh

Directed by
Susan Myer Silton

This Tony Award-winning dark comedy is set in the provincial Irish town of Leenane. Forty-something spinster Maureen Folan lives with her manipulative aging mother Mag, stuck in a caretaking relationship that has them both seething with resentment. When a romantic encounter finally sparks Maureen's hopes for an escape from her dreary existence, Mag's interference sets in motion a chain of events that is as tragically funny as it is terrifying. Written in 1996, BEAUTY QUEEN is one of a trilogy and was the very first play from McDonagh, who is also a notable screenwriter known for In Bruges and the recently acclaimed Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

"A tragedy that will make you roar with laughter." – Hollywood Reporter

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Jewell Theater Play
November 7 - December 2, 2018

Created and Written by
Melinda Gilb, Steve Gunderson, Bryan Scott

Directed by
Shaun Carroll
Music Director Ben Dorfan
Choreographer Lee Ann Payne

This high energy, hilarious musical tells the story of a down on her luck laundress named Cindy and the colorful guardian angels who come to teach her about finding true love. SUDS is loaded with good clean fun, bubbling energy and over 50 well-known songs that topped the charts in the 1960s, including "Please Mr. Postman," "Johnny Angel," "Chapel of Love," "Walk on By," and "RESPECT." SUDS has toured the country, receiving rave reviews and breaking box office records, so invite some friends and get ready for an incredibly fun night of theatre.

"Great fun, and unlike anything you've seen before." – NY Times

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Jewell Theater Play
SPECIAL HOLIDAY SHOW (non-subscription) December 12 - 23, 2018
Holiday Show (non-subscription)

Book, Lyrics and Music by
Jeffrey Scharf

Co-Produced with
J. Scharf Music
Directed & Co-Produced by Joseph Paul Stachura

Adapted from Charles Dickens' favorite and most autobiographical novel, DAVID COPPERFIELD, THE NEW MUSICAL brings Copperfield's story to tuneful life, from birth to marriage. As a child, David endures the sadism of his step-father Murdstone, the cruelty of the villainous schoolmaster Creakle, and the mind-numbing routine of a London sweatshop. As an adult, he is visited by happiness and success, tragedy and loss. Along the way, he meets some of Dickens' most memorable characters: his formidable Aunt Betsey, the sea-faring Peggotty family, the monosyllabic coachman Barkis, the grandiloquent Mr. Micawber and the contemptible Uriah Heep.

Jewell Theater Play
January 23 - February 17, 2019

by Lolita Chakrabarti

Directed by Bob Rumsby

This stirring drama transports audiences to the turbulent backstage world of London's Theatre Royal in the early 1800s. Edmund Kean, the greatest actor of his generation, has taken ill and can't go on tonight as Othello, leaving his company in disarray. A young American actor named Ira Aldridge arrives to step into the role—but no black man has ever played Othello on the English stage. His groundbreaking performance upends stage tradition and changes the lives of everyone involved. Lolita Chakrabarti's multi-award-winning play uncovers the fascinating true story of a pivotal figure in theatre history. The accomplished and versatile Aldo Billingslea, recently seen in the brilliant BLACK ODYSSEY at California Shakespeare Festival, makes his Jewel Theatre debut as Ira Aldridge.

"Informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking." – London Telegraph

Jewell Theater Play
March 20 - April 14, 2019

by Hugh Whitemore

Directed by Kirsten Brandt

London and Broadway were taken by storm when Derek Jacobi performed in this exceptional biographical drama about a man who broke too many codes: the eccentric genius Alan Turing who played a major role in winning World War II. He broke the complex German code called Enigma, enabling allied forces to foresee German maneuvers. Since his work was classified top secret for years after the war, no one knew how much was owed to Turing for his code work (and being the first to conceive of computers in the process) when he was put on trial for breaking another code - the taboo of homosexuality - and convicted for this as a criminal act. NY actor David Arrow, seen in Jewel's special event performance of RFK, as well as WOMAN IN MIND and ENTER THE GUARDSMAN, plays Alan Turing in this elegant and poignant play.

"Powerful, rivetting drama." – NY Daily News

Jewell Theater Play
May 8 - June 2, 2019

Nell Benjamin

Directed by
Art Manke

It's 1879, in London. The prestigious Explorers Club is in crisis: their acting president wants to admit a woman, and their bartender is legendary as the worst in town. Phyllida, the female candidate in question, is brilliant, beautiful, and has discovered a legendary Lost City, but letting a woman into the Club could shake the very foundation of the British Empire. And how do you make such a decision without a decent drink? Get ready for this mad cap explorers' world of guinea pig science, deadly cobras, irate Irishmen, and the occasional airship. Nell Benjamin's 19th Century British farce adds her to the ranks of today's outstanding female playwrights.

"Brace for laughter! This hijinks-happy cocktail is big fun!" – Daily News